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After a few days in Albany, Georgia, Ibe was on his way back from a trip to Atlanta, the capital of Georgia. Within 40 miles of 75 is a town where families can connect with nature and learn about the Civil Rights era, but you would never know it from the vague highway signs.

The county attracts a number of recreational and historical sites, including the Georgia Museum of Natural History, Georgia State University and the State Capitol. Albany has a number of museums and galleries, as well as a museum in the city of Albany itself.

It also includes a large collection of art from sub-Saharan Africa, but what makes the collection special is that it includes much more than just paintings and sculptures.

A related series of pigment prints shows Alexander's ongoing experiments with digital photography and documents his ongoing experiments with the use of digital technology in his work. View of a Different Nature is located at 513 West 20th Street, Atlanta, Georgia, which is featured in the Museum of African Art's 2012 program deFINE ART. Guest - curated by Pep Subiros and organized by the Director of Artistic Affairs of the Museum and Curator of Contemporary Art in New York, the exhibition is part of SCAD 2012 "deFINE Art" program, which celebrates contemporary art through a series of exhibitions, lectures and public events.

Other exhibits include a collection of Alexander's works at the Museum of African Art in New York and a series of exhibitions at SCAD. Children of the real kind will love the new exhibition "A Different Nature" by Alexander and his wife Toni Alexander.

Children and dogs are welcome as long as they are well behaved - and if they are all well behaved. I hope the Pretoria Fields Collective and its tasting room reflect that it is meant to serve the community. Seeing the evolution of the conversation and tasting at the tables in the room is a great way to represent the vibrancy of our community here in Albany.

As a nature lover, enjoy discovering the Flint River and the picturesque Radium Springs Garden, one of Georgia's seven wonders. The park also has a disco golf and maize holes, as well as a playground for children. Sit back and relax on a shaded bench, watch the children play and marvel at the beautiful scenery. You can also have a picnic or play on the lawn in front of the tasting room of the Pretoria Fields Collective or you can play for free on one or more of the outdoor courts.

This is a beautiful heritage center that focuses on preserving the history and science of Southwest Georgia. Learn more about the harrowing events in Albany, including those that led to the freedom we know today. Take a look at the Georgia Museum of Natural History, the state's oldest museum, and learn more about its history.

The museum houses a growing collection that includes works by artists from Georgia, South Carolina, Florida and other states. In recent years, the Georgia Museum of Natural History has shown ten solo exhibitions, including one titled "Visiting the Stones" by John Clarke, the first solo exhibition of his work in the museum's history. Noted Self "reflects the life and work of one of Georgia's most influential artists and presents a new group of painted and carved busts. JohnClarke has participated in and been represented by a number of major museums and galleries in Georgia and around the world, as well as in the United States and Europe.

Further information about the unique biography of the artist, who was born in Pretoria to Dutch parents, his mother and father, was gained through his biography.

The Pretoria Field Brewery is proud that brewers and farmers are working together to produce Georgia's slowest beer. Organic barley, wheat and hops are grown locally, which means that farmers and brewers come together to produce a high quality beer, which makes the field of pretoria special. A little taste of Georgia is included in every pint and it's the perfect accompaniment to a great beer.

This clever and tasting food fundraiser for the Pretoria Field Brewery takes place in the form of a "Pretoria Farm," where the food contains all the ingredients from the farm.

The Southwest Georgia Project is currently planning a regional food center in the city of Albany to develop local food infrastructure. The Southwest Georgia Project expects this "food center" to supply the surrounding counties by selling their products. Morgan said Fields will initially employ seven staff but will increase to 14 to 20 for event staff.

One project caught my eye as one of the most interesting and interesting projects of the last years. Students were asked to take traditional African folklore, write a script and then create and perform a shadow puppet show. This experience was great for teaching art and culture in the disciplines of art, music, dance and acting.

More About Pretoria

More About Pretoria