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Georgia's modern brewery is a place where friends and family can spend hours learning how beer is made, playing games, listening to live music and sampling seasonal beers and cider. Terrapin Beer Co. is the perfect place for students, visitors and pets to meet for a day of beer, food and fun at one of Georgia's most popular breweries. You can play cards and board games and chat while enjoying the Plantation Trace region of the state.

The River Watch Brewery attracts visitors to downtown for a day of beer, food and fun at one of Georgia's most popular breweries. Look at the masters and work your thirst off in the Georgia State University Brewing Company's tasting room.

Southbound Brewing Company has been around since 2013 and offers a variety of beers that are heavily geared toward IPAs and sours, but sometimes offer uniquely sweet pairings such as donuts and Girl Scout cookies. The brewhouse and tavern offer live music at weekends and serve 20 draft beers. The Southbound brewery's flagship brewery, the brand, began in 2002 and has grown significantly since the opening of Terrapin Taproom, which is dedicated to the

Not many brothers can claim to have been around since 1997, but SweetWater produces and promotes a relaxed atmosphere with an emphasis on craft beer, craft food and craft cocktails.

As for branding, this spot in Georgia's historic heartland might amuse you, playfully using the city's name as its name. Also known as Red Brick Brewing Company, don't be confused by the sign when you enter this location in northwest Atlanta.

The owners of the Pretoria Fields Collective in Albany designed this tasting room with friends and conversations in mind. Orpheus Brewing is located in Piedmont Park, making it a great place to hang out with friends or pets. If you're traveling north of Atlanta, stop at the Gate City Brewing Company, which is housed in two Roswell mechanics "shops just blocks from the city's oldest brewery. On the way to northeast Georgia, stop by Left Nut Brewing Co. in the Chicopee Mill area.

They have demonstrated the value of the community by creating jobs, serving as a collection point and building a brand to stand behind. In the state's smaller towns, they are at the forefront of revitalizing downtown. Creature Comfort Brewing Co. is not only within walking distance of a college and a diving bar, but also in downtown Athens, where it thrives amid college bustle. It is made of recycled wood and is in the room, with its own tasting and tasting room and outdoor terrace.

SweetWater Brewing Company has an ever-growing tavern where visitors can taste their famous beers for the first time. Here you will find craft beers, but also cider - memorabilia of the former and current employees of the brewery, as well as special events and events.

In this region, you should take time to explore nearby LaGrange, where Wild Leap Brew Co. has taken over an old garage tire store. Find a warehouse where the grinders have been replaced by liquid gold and the sound of good times. The Omaha Brewing Company brings people to rural Stewart County for its annual beer festival. It is home to the largest craft beer tasting room in the world in the state of Georgia, and is just a short drive from Atlanta.

The owner is a US Army vet, and Jekyll Brewing paved the way to get the name from an island in coastal Georgia. On Georgia's famous River Street, Service Brewing Co. beer could be named after a place that has long been a destination for devotees and apple tasters.

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