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The mid-sized town of Warner Robins is home to well-educated residents who work in both blue and white. I worked mainly in an administrative support and sales role and spoke to union representatives and the media.

House sales in Warner Robins, GA, have been like a typical mid-sized city in the Atlanta metro area. The average home buyer spends an average of 49 days a week on the market, and the median price is $1.5 million. That's a significant increase from last year, when the median home sale price in Atlanta was $2.2 million and WarnerRobins spent about $49 a day on the market.

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Start by finding a house for sale in Warner Robins, GA, and find out what it's like to live in Georgia and see why it's fun to live here. Start by searching and viewing homes in the metro area of Atlanta and other parts of the state of Georgia. Learn about the different types of homes in your neighborhood and surrounding area and start your search. is a great source of information about homes and real estate in Atlanta and the surrounding area.

See homes for sale in Warner Robins, GA, and other parts of Georgia and the Atlanta metro station. See homes in Atlanta, Georgia, the Atlanta metro area and other cities and towns in Georgia.

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