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Mary Holland, a native of South Africa, reveals when to go and how to get the best out of South Africa's little-known wine regions - from the cost, history and culture of the country to much more. Read on to find out what she suggests: 'Go to South Africa, live the childhood dream' and 'Bebe in this country and go.

It is a place of surreal contrast: the interconnected twin cities of Cape Town and Johannesburg with their stunning purple Jacaranda are revealed in a series of photographs by the author of South Africa's most popular travel book, "South Africa in Georgia."

The central hub is the church square, where you can admire fascinating architecture, but there are many other interesting places in the city center, such as the old town, the South African Museum and the National Museum.

If you can't get enough seafood, head to Catch Albany, where you can find crab cakes, lobster and pizza. There are many great restaurants to eat at, such as the Seafood Bar and Grill and New York City restaurants in the city center.

It's less common than Jo'burg, which makes Pretoria less criminal - free as it used to be, but the nightlife is energetic and fun - and full of energetic fun. Ga. Rankuwa, just outside town, is a great place to enjoy a drink or two with friends or a nice meal at a local restaurant. It's a more conventional sight and has a young, mixed crowd, so feel safe.

The museum is located in a historic building in downtown Albany, just blocks from the Albany Public Library. We hope you will remember the tasting room of the Pretoria Fields Collective, which is for the community. Seeing the evolution of the conversation and tasting at the tables in the room is a great way to represent the vibrancy of our community here in Albany.

In the north of the country, the parched savannah that flows into Botswana and Namibia is home to meerkats, cheetahs and wild dogs. Twelve miles north of Pretoria, there is a route that runs from 7 km to 40 km through the bush and forest, with about half of it lying around. In the valley between Pretoria and 5 km south lies the Groenkloof Nature Reserve, which also offers beginners the opportunity to ride with kudu, giraffes, zebra and sea bass.

The park is very well maintained and the children, the real kind, will love the natural beauty of the park as well as the art galleries and museums. The Art Museum leaves no stone unturned and gives the art lovers who visit it the best experience they can have, and it gives them the chance to leave everything behind and leave their mark on the world. And the recently opened Pretoria Love Bridge has become a place for couples in serious relationships to cement their relationship, with its beautiful views of South Africa's capital.

As a nature lover, enjoy discovering the Flint River and the picturesque Radium Springs Garden, one of Georgia's seven wonders.

If you like modern architecture, visit the Voortrekker Monument Museum, a massive structure built for the eponymous Africans who left the Cape between 1835 and 1854 to settle inland. On the southern outskirts of the city is a monument that attempts to overcome South Africa's past conflicts. Established as a new symbol of past conflict resolution, the park is part of an ongoing effort to create monuments that speak for all, and is home to the world's first monument to South African nationalists. The famous Voortsrekkers Monument and Museum is one of Georgia's most popular tourist attractions and a popular destination for visitors from all walks of life.

A first taste of the rich history, culture and history of the city can be found in the Voortsrekkers Monument and Museum.

Other exhibits include a museum of the history of the city, an art gallery and a collection of historical photographs and artifacts from the past.

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The best way to explore a new place is through its food, and there are many delicious dishes to try in southwest Georgia. The suburbs are home to some of Pretoria's most innovative and interesting restaurants.

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More About Pretoria