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Less than an hour from the centre of Jo'burg, this stretch of the Magaliesberg mountains stretching as far as Gauteng is a popular destination for Johannesburgers to escape the city's hectic pace. It is nothing short of a transport revolution that will finally give local travellers access to the world's most popular tourist destination and one of South Africa's best tourist destinations.

The southernmost point of South Africa is Cape Agulhas, which is located only a few kilometres from the town of Jo'burg. Johannesburg is situated on a plateau and the coast of this flat, lying area is on the east side of the Magaliesberg Mountains, south of Cape Town.

This is a picturesque place that has a lot of natural beauty, not to mention many outdoor activities. During a boat trip you will encounter an enormous marine flora and whale watching is also very popular in South Africa. It is teeming with fish, whales, dolphins, sea turtles and other marine life, and children (the real kind) will love it. There are many restaurants and shops in Cape Agulhas, as well as a number of shops and restaurants along the beach.

Although the visit is not unpleasant, many visitors use it exclusively as a transport hub for the surrounding area. If you like modern architecture, visit the Cape Town Museum, a massive building built in honor of the eponymous Africans who left the Cape to settle in the interior from 1835 to 1854.

There are other places in South Africa, but the most popular are Pretoria and Gaborone, and visitors can take the Johannesburg - Durban - Cape Town bus or the South Africa - Africa - Swaziland bus, which runs from Ngwenya (on the border between Mbabane and Manzini) to Johannesberg in 3.5 hours, from Cape Good Hope (3 hours) and from Durbin to Cape Town in 2 hours. Buses leave from Pretori Station daily and take 8 hours from Johannesburgh (about PS20) to Durbane with excellent surfing and golden beaches.

Located on the Zambezi River, Victoria Falls is home to South Africa's largest waterfall and one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world.

If you ever get the chance to visit FABI, visit the University of Pretoria in South Africa to have a great view of the city. The nightlife is energetic and entertaining, and the square is square due to the proximity of both the university and its tuks (short). The less scattered Jo'burgs are less crowded and less dispersed, which makes them seem no more conventional, but it is crime - free and you feel safe.

If you are planning a solo trip to South Africa, you do not need a visa and all airlines fly there. If you have questions about travelling in South Africa or are wondering what images you need for your trip, you can arrange an interview with a local travel agent in Pretoria or any other city in the country.

If you are planning a trip to South Africa, below is a guide to travelling alone in South America, including tips on where to stay, travel and get around. For further information on the entry requirements, please contact your travel agent or the South African Embassy in your country of residence. Get the guide: This guide will help you find top rated activities and tours that will take you to worldwide destinations, including South Africa and Africa. Learn all the funny South African slang words here, read about the country's most popular destinations, where to go and where to stay if you're in the country. Read more about South Africans travelling alone in our South Asia travel guide.

Whether you are travelling alone in a backpack through South Africa or want to travel with others to several countries, guided tours to South Africa are ideal. G Adventures is a great company for those who feel the need for a long trip around Cape Town. There are a number of Intrepid Tours in South Africa, including a 12-day bike tour to circumnavigate South Africans for $12 a day, as well as tours of Johannesburg, Cape Town and Cape Town.

Below is a list of the best solo travelers recommended accommodation in South Africa. If you are a backpacker or looking for cheap accommodation in South Africa, hostels are available online. Click on the links below for bookings at for South African Hostels, and click on the link below to

These seven places are great examples of Nelson Mandela's legacy, which is always present in South Africa. The Apartheid Museum is a must for anyone who wants to take a look at the history of apartheid and the struggle against apartheid. This free attraction is recognized by the American Alliance of Museums, and there are many other great museums to visit.

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